This message started out as a personal Facebook post, an appeal to my social network of friends, but in an effort to spread the word a little further than that, I’d like to ask everyone:

How about a trip to Antigua this winter?

Antigua was thankfully not affected by Hurricane Irma, and to rebuild our sister island Barbuda, which lies just 30 miles north of us and is now completely uninhabited for the first time in 300 years, Antigua needs you!

Lots of visitors this winter will help boost the economy, and maybe you can even volunteer to help rebuild Barbuda for an afternoon or a day while you’re here?

I’ve been here for many years and would love nothing more than for you to take advantage of our team’s personal contacts and knowledge. Antigua is a paradise and that’s a fact. Every one of our friends, business associates or friends of friends who’ve come here over the years have had the time of their lives. It is incredibly beautiful, fun, relaxing and adventure-filled all at once.

Antigua & Barbuda is an independent twin-island nation. There is no motherland coming to our rescue, albeit the U.K. is sending aid and volunteers thank goodness. If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting Antigua, or the Caribbean, or a stuff-dreams-are-made-of, sun-drenched paradise, come to Antigua this winter.

I think most of you would agree it’s always better to know someone on the ground when you travel so, go ahead, send us a message. We have almost 400 beaches, clear blue warm waters, amazing restaurants, wildlife, nature adventures, sailing adventures and loads more.

Aside from wanting to boost our visitor numbers this winter for the purpose of helping Barbuda, we love seeing friends and friends of friends, so why not? We can help with where to stay, what to do, what to see, and help make it the trip of a lifetime.

I promise you will have a fantastic time and you’ll be doing a lot of good!

Kaline Kennard

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