Land acquisition + development

Land acquisition is the first meaningful step in any project and over the years the team has viewed and engaged with property owners across five continents. The next steps of financial modeling, concept evolution and sales and marketing strategy are usually worked on in tandem so from the start, the whole team is involved.

resort programming + design

We have programmed and designed numerous residential resorts and commercial properties over the years from working with Starwood Hotels on 5-star branded resorts to smaller boutique developments. The Elmsbridge principals have worked with a wide variety of design professionals internationally in performing this work.

real estate sales + marketing

How do we reach our target market efficiently and make a meaningful impact? This is an area of expertise we have a unique history in and pride ourselves on offering a truly passion-filled sales and marketing team immersed in our projects. We have managed successful PR, promotion, and sales campaigns in numerous countries with strong partners and continue to do so as media and marketing evolve for today’s generations.

resort branding

The key to a successful brand campaign is to begin with a solid strategy. The process begins with a review of the locale, the people and story behind the development. Depending on the project we also work with third party brand experts and designers to bring the project to life and infuse all market interaction with a strong, appealing identity from inbound marketing to collaterals to meeting the team.

project financing

The Elmsbridge principals have financed development projects with a spectrum of solutions. From public corporation finance to private wealth equity to sales-driven platforms, the group understands the challenges associated with efficiently financing property development for the maximum benefit of the equity-holders.

commercial + residential construction

The team has overseen in excess of 2 million square feet of construction in North America, South America and the Caribbean over the last 25 years in its developments and has worked with thirty-parties ranging from major international contractors to local construction teams.

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