About Us

Elmsbridge was founded by Brian and Kal Dobbin, who met while working in the luxury real estate industry together in the Caribbean.

Our work over the past two decades is an expression of the north-south, snow-sand, ‘live close to nature’ lifestyle that we love and enjoy with our own family.

We love to help you create your own private retreat where you can re-centre, re-connect and hopefully enjoy a deep sense of wellbeing over many years.

Our Goal

Our goal is to maximise your enjoyment of the natural environment on your doorstep, offer a comfortable home from which you can enjoy plenty of fun with your family and friends and nourish your individual wellbeing.



Brian Dobbin begins his development career in Canada working with his family-owned companies. This includes executing multiple contracts in the world’s largest construction project of its day – the Hibernia oil platform – in eastern Canada and developing world-class aerospace facilities in western Canada.


Brian starts his first development company – Newfound Developers – and begins his first 25-acre resort project called Strawberry Hill Resort.


Newfound Developers launches the first Newfoundland PNP immigration program for real estate investment and development, funding the initial capital for 800-acre
Humber Valley Resort.


Humber Valley Resort opens while winning the UK-based Bentley International Property gold medal for the world’s best destination development.


Brian sells his Newfound Resorts company with active
projects in the Caribbean, Europe, and North America.
His Newfound Property International selling arm is sold
as well representing luxury destination developments for
other developers in multiple countries.


Brian creates Elmsbridge Property International with his wife Kaline, and bases it in the eastern Caribbean. While seeking superlative sites for its own destination development, the company consults on third-party projects for other developers in international destinations such as Croatia, Cuba, and Costa Rica.


Elmsbridge is a key proponent for the new Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP), and sister company Citizens International leads sales of CIP properties in Antigua & Barbuda and St. Kitts & Nevis.


The Rendezvous Bay project begins sales of its first luxury hotel properties of its 400-acre development plan in the Nelson’s Dockyard National Park wilderness preserve.


Elmsbridge wins the 2019 International Property Award for the world’s best boutique hotel design for its ‘Nelson’s Retreat’ project.


Elmsbridge breaks ground on its ‘Beach Houses’ project in Falmouth Harbour, Antigua, and has three other sites in different stages of development preparation.


Elmsbridge prepares the Preserve Fund for investment subscription with its sister company Citizens International.


Two show villas start construction at The Gardens on Harbour Island on Antigua’s spectacular west coast. The project comprises the last remaining 36 plots offered with turn-key luxury villas.


The first villas are completed and sold at ‘The Beach Houses‘ and ‘The Gardens‘ projects in Antigua.


Elmsbridge wins the 2024 International Property Award for the Best Residential Development (10-19 Units) in the Americas for ‘The Beach Houses‘.

The story continues…



The Elmsbridge principals have financed development projects with a spectrum of solutions from public corporation finance to private wealth equity to sales-driven platforms. Today, Elmsbridge co-invests with The Preserve Fund, which is structured as an exempted and segregated portfolio company allowing individual, or pooled investment classes.

Land Acquisition

Land acquisition is the first meaningful step in any project and over the years the team has viewed and engaged with property owners across five continents. The next steps of financial modeling, concept evolution and sales and marketing strategy are usually worked on in tandem so from the start, the whole team is involved.

Programming + Design

We have programmed and designed numerous residential resorts and commercial properties over the years from working with Starwood Hotels on 5-star branded resorts to smaller boutique developments. The Elmsbridge principals have worked with a wide variety of design professionals internationally in performing this work and now have an accomplished in-house design team.


The key to a successful brand campaign is to begin with a solid strategy. The process begins with a review of the locale, the people and story behind the development. Depending on the project we also work with third party brand experts and designers to bring the project to life and infuse all market interaction with a strong, appealing identity from inbound marketing to collaterals to meeting the team.

Sales + Marketing

How do we reach our target market efficiently and make a meaningful impact? This is an area of expertise we have a unique history in and pride ourselves on offering a truly passion-filled sales and marketing team immersed in our projects. We have managed successful PR, promotion, and sales campaigns in numerous countries with strong partners and continue to do so as media and marketing evolve for today’s generations.


The team has overseen in excess of 2 million square feet of construction in North America, South America and the Caribbean over the last 25 years in its developments and has worked with thirty-parties ranging from major international contractors to local construction teams.