CIP Approved Shared Ownership at The Gardens

Explore the Shared Ownership Opportunity at The Gardens with Elmsbridge

Located in the lively Jolly Harbour area on Harbour Island, Antigua, The Gardens is a 36-villa residential community currently under development. This development not only capitalizes on private luxury property within a vibrant and established marina community, but also presents a compelling investment opportunity through Antigua and Barbuda’s citizenship by investment program.

Shared Ownership Concept at The Gardens

The Gardens introduces a shared ownership model that allows investors to own a portion of a luxury property, providing a cost-effective alternative to full ownership. This innovative approach offers tangible assets in one of two available villa structures, each designed to meet diverse investor preferences.

Villa 108: Luxury Meets Flexibility

With an investment of US$200,000, clients can own a one-sixth share of Villa 108, a two-bedroom Aloe villa. This investment not only qualifies for Antigua’s citizenship by investment program but also allows for eight weeks of property usage each year. The villa benefits from professional management, offering rental opportunities during non-use periods with semi-annual profit distributions. Shares can be sold after a five-year holding period, providing a flexible investment option, and the re-sale still qualifies for citizenship by investment for the new buyer.

Villa 109: Immediate Investment Returns

Villa 109 introduces a different shared ownership structure, though a $200,000 investment still grants a one-sixth share in the same villa design as 108. Initially serving as the project’s sales and management office, it differs by offering no personal usage for the first five years but guarantees a 2% net rental income paid bi-annually. Following this period, the villa will be sold, and proceeds shared amongst investors, who also enjoy a 20% discount on villa rentals within The Gardens during their ownership.

A Wise Investment in Caribbean Luxury

The shared ownership model at The Gardens offers an unparalleled opportunity to invest in Caribbean luxury and secure a path to Antigua and Barbuda citizenship. Elmsbridge streamlines the investment process with a turnkey solution that covers everything from property design and construction to management and rental services.

Availability for shared ownership in Villa 108 and Villa 109 is limited and there are only a few shares remaining. For further details or to claim your share, contact Elmsbridge directly at [email protected].

If you are interested in this or another turnkey home in the Caribbean, reach out to us to learn more about what projects and developments that we are currently working on.