Elmsbridge Design – an introduction to what we do

Elmsbridge maintains a design team and office in Antigua that provides high-quality finishes for its projects.

The goal is to remove all the stress of outfitting a property in the Caribbean and turn the experience of creating your ideal retreat into the relaxing pleasure it should be. They basically do all of the difficult work for you!  The professional team at Elmsbridge Design works hand-in-hand with the architects, engineers, and contractors in delivering each villa so that there is no disconnect when producing these beautiful homes.

Kal Dobbin and Kate Taylor lead Elmsbridge Design. The team can customize each home to the owner’s choices, making everyone’s property a unique and memorable resort, a place you will never want to leave. Having both lived in the Caribbean for some time, Kal and Kate are familiar with what works and what doesn’t, and their easy and effortless style choices can give you a living experience that is inspirational. They both hone in on what really fits your personal style whilst adding functional elements and having a beautiful chic and laid-back/cosy balance.

Taking inspiration from the natural world around each community and creating a palette of finish options for homeowners is what Elmsbridge Design does. Our team offers curated packages to furnish your new home including all appliances and window treatments. Regarding ordering, coordination and installations, your final order will be placed with our local and international suppliers. At Elmsbridge Design, we will organize shipping, delivery and complete installation before your first stay in your new villa. Are you ready to wake up in your dream home?


Clearing the site for 2 villas at The Gardens

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