Peek at Furniture Package 1 at the Beach Houses

One of the furniture packages that you can choose from at the Beach Houses is a chic beach style

It includes imported Italian tile floors, custom Jamaican oversize doors and windows, luxury fixtures, fittings and soft furnishings that offer a high-quality neutral palette to which you can add your own personality and style.

Grey roof tiles that are locally manufactured compliments the coastal palleted Bahama shutters. You’ll find Hardie plank composite siding with a custom white colour that is mandatory for homeowners to maintain cohesive design of the development. All exterior decking is regional hardwood which patina with age to an attractive muted grey hue.

We recommend a matte finish on the walls, satin on baseboards and either flat or pickle on any painted ceilings. The standard soft tones and alternatives that you can choose from create a calming effect throughout the home. In addition, we have selected beautiful linen Drapes and Roman blinds that will complement your chosen colour schemes. All the soft furnishings such as pillows are handmade to order.

Here is a closer look at the mood boards:

This furniture package comes with custom-made jequitaba wooden doors, hand-made driftwood mirrors, stunning light fixtures, Samsung 55” frame TVs, a 9’ sectional sofa for the open layout living room, and more. Each fixture and item in the home was carefully thought out to create a stunning home that you won’t want ever to leave. The different textures and shades in the different materials create a chic style. The concrete pendant light fixtures hanging over the island in the kitchen complement the stainless-steel hardware and the light tans and browns in the wooden shelves and bar chairs.

Each Beach House design will start from two bedrooms (can go up depending on which design you go with) and include three bathrooms and up, a kitchen with an island dining area, a living room, a living office area, an outdoor dining area, an infinity pool, and private parking. There is also a perfectly sized laundry room which includes everything that is needed! These homes are turn-key, as soon as you arrive for your move-in, you will have everything from appliances to kitchenware, to fixtures, etc. as discussed with our Design team.

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Beach Houses Villa 3 Furnished and Ready

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