The Gardens Construction Update

The roofing on Villa 118 is coming along very well

Last week, we captured aerial photo updates of sites 118 and 105. Construction is moving along, with our team preparing for the next stage on both plots. The roofing is all set on Villa 118; the doors and windows have arrived and are in our warehouse. Villa 105 has a sturdy base and is ready for the next phase. Our design team is currently working on some plans for future plots that will start construction by the end of this year.

Clients ask us questions about many facets of home ownership, from construction methods to hurricane protection, security, appliances, plumbing hardware, door handles and paint colours! We love answering your questions and welcome them all.

When it comes to construction, there are numerous team members involved in each villa. We have visiting structural engineers who test the soil and advise on the foundations and structure, an architect and technical team, Elmsbridge’s design and project management team, and of course the building contractor and many professional tradespeople who help us create your home.

Harbour Island sits at the heart of Jolly Harbour offering a number of interior and waterside villa plots. The Gardens plots are the last remaining 36 plots and are being offered with turn key construction, design, furnishing and management in place. Our design team will sit down with you to go through the details of the designs that you can choose from.

Located in the Jolly Harbour commercial centre behind the pharmacy, our sales office is open Monday to Friday. We welcome you to come by and learn more about The Gardens direct from our Sales Manager, Mandy Matthews.

We’re always pleased to answer questions and take you through creating a home here in Antigua with us. Feel free to come by the sales office, reach out via email, or on our website.


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