Elmsbridge Design Feature


Elmsbridge Design is an essential element of development company Elmsbridge’s production of luxury villas in Antigua. With a design team working out of the company’s Falmouth Harbour offices, Elmsbridge Design is led by Elmsbridge co-founder Kal Dobbin and Interiors Director Kate Taylor. The group has excellent architectural and technical capability in-house and can customise each of its villas to the owner’s choices, making their property a unique and special resort unto itself. Options are reviewed with clients in their Elmsbridge Design office, with the goal of removing all the stress of outfitting a property in the Caribbean and turning the experience of creating your ideal retreat into the pleasure it should be.


We understand how important getting the details right is to your living enjoyment”, said Kal, “and with Kate we’ve built the solutions for this in our projects.”

Having both lived in the Caribbean for some time, Kal and Kate are familiar with what works and what doesn’t and their style choices centre on the living experience. The current Elmsbridge development projects of ‘The Beach Houses’ and ‘The Gardens’ have been styled by the team and each project has a selection of looks pre-chosen by Kate and Kal.

Substitutions and upgrades are easily on hand at the design office, and working with the architect and technicians, Elmsbridge Design can take changes back to the foundation in order to deliver the perfect property for a client’s wishes. Easy, fun, and enjoyable – the Elmsbridge Design experience mirrors what the living experience should be in a well-planned Caribbean retreat home.

Elmsbridge Design - Luxury Locations Magazine - Issue 20 - Jan-June 2023