Antigua open for business

Despite Hurricane Irma’s devastating blow to Barbuda, it is business as usual in Antigua.

Hurricane Irma passed north of Antigua causing practically no damage and Tourism Director for Canada Colin Skerritt reminded travel industry stakeholders and vacationers, “It is important to note that.. Antigua hosts 98% of tourists. The effects of Hurricane Irma on the island of Antigua was minimal. The airport and the hotels are open for business as usual.”

He continued, “The smaller sister island of Barbuda, which hosts only 2% of tourists, has been greatly affected and the government is currently implementing its disaster recovery plan in full force. Barbuda’s current situation should not deter tourists from traveling to Antigua. As tourism is an important revenue generator for the nation, travel to Antigua will aid in the rebuilding of Barbuda.”

Several events have already been relocated to Antigua from neighbouring islands who were badly hit such as the British Virgin Island’s (BVI). The Salty Dawg Fall Rally will now take place in Antigua’s Falmouth Harbour instead of the Bitter End Yacht Club on Virgin Gorda. The very friendly Antigua Yacht Club members will be hosting a special “meet and greet” for Salty Dawg members on Sunday November 19th.



Antigua gears up for a fantastic winter

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