Barbuda ravaged by Hurricane Irma

Some of you around the world may have heard about the devastating hurricane that passed through the Caribbean last week. Antigua, where the Elmsbridge team is headquartered, was very fortunate to be spared any serious damage as the island was not directly hit.

Our sister island Barbuda which lies 30 miles north, however, took the full force of the storm and the results are catastrophic. All 1,800 residents had to be evacuated after the storm in an unprecedented emergency rescue carried out by the Antigua & Barbuda government together with many private volunteers from Antigua with access to boats, helicopters or small planes. It is empowering as an Antiguan citizen to witness the coming together of all the Antiguan people, including a great number of the international community, to help in any way they can.

Barbuda is one of the world’s unique wildlife sanctuaries with its hundreds of rare birds, wild deer, and dedicated fauna, flora and marine conservation areas where visitors come to see nature at its purest and most beautiful. The unusual pink sands of the 17-mile and 11-mile beaches, the incredibly friendly people and small-island traditions that captivate any newcomer to the island will be renewed, but there is much to do to make this possible.

Currently we have 1,800 homeless Barbudans who are in critical need of basic supplies let alone the extensive job of clearing and re-buiding the island. They have been left with only the clothes on their back.

We are asking our colleagues and friends to please open their hearts to the plight of Barbuda, even the smallest donation will assist us greatly. Elmsbridge has donated to the Red Cross and these are the recommended channels:

Halo Foundation (Red Cross)

ABSAR Antigua & Barbuda Search and Rescue

The official Antigua & Barbuda Government Barbuda Relief and Rebuilding Fund

Barbuda Pets & Livestock Rescue

Thank you for your consideration.

The Elmsbridge team


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