Great progress on The Beach Houses show villa

11 JULY 2022

The Beach Houses project has evolved and the show villa is coming together beautifully!

The doors and windows are being delivered this week, and many of the finish materials including the tiles are already on site and are being prepared for the next step. The asphalting work immediately outside the site is to be finalized soon, allowing for a smooth short drive from the bottom of Horsford Hill to our entrance. The perimeter fence has been completed and the security hut will be finished in the next couple of upcoming months. And even more exciting, villas 8 and 9 are starting construction in the fall and villa 5 shortly thereafter.

The Beach Houses also has a dedicated property management team who will after your home if you wish, offering regular transparent reporting. And, if you’d like to rent out your Antigua beach house when it is not in use, they can promote the villa in their vacation networks and will look after your home as if it were their own.

To keep you in the loop with more updates as the villa is completed, you can contact them here. If you are in Antigua, take a visit to the sales office and they can answer any questions that you may have and talk details.


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