Season Coming Back Around

The Antigua and Barbuda season is a vibrant and exciting time for both locals and visitors.

English Harbour is known for being the hub of activity during the open season. With many businesses, restaurants, and marinas coming to life – truly the life of the party. The restaurant scene is fantastic as it has an immense array of wonderful spots to choose from. This includes lovely local cuisine, Italian, French, Mexican, Indian, and more types of restaurants that are dotted around the area. Travel the world with your taste buds whilst being on the chillest island which has a streak of chic. There are a handful of beachfront restaurants that you can choose from. Nearly, if not all of the restaurants in the harbour area have gorgeous views and a relaxing and picturesque setting. You can also expect restaurants that offer historic settings that will take you back in time.

Falmouth Harbour Marina is a prominent marina in the area, it provides comprehensive services for yachts, including berthing, maintenance, and provisioning. Nelson’s Dockyard Marina is a historic marina that is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and provides a unique setting for yachts. It’s often buzzing with activity during the season. The English Harbour area has a variety of shops and boutiques offering unique local products, nautical gear, and souvenirs. You will also find lively bars and pubs, especially during the evenings, creating a vibrant nightlife scene.

Given the rich maritime tradition, there will be yacht races, regattas, or other yachting events happening during this season that many will be attending. Antigua and Barbuda are known for their festivals. Depending on the timing, you might get a chance to experience local celebrations, music festivals, or cultural events.

The Antigua Charter Yacht Show is likely to bring together people from around the world, creating a dynamic atmosphere in English Harbour. Enjoy the festivities, explore the local culture, and savour the unique charm that the English Harbour and Antigua as a whole have to offer.


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