The Beach Houses construction update

Your home is your sanctuary. And over the past two years, you’ve probably used your home for much more than living.

While we’ve all spent a ton of time in our homes, we may have contemplated our lives and overall lifestyle. If you are in a country that has all four seasons, it must be beautiful to experience them all, but I am sure it can also tend to be quite cold and dark during the winter…

Now, imagine waking up with a beautiful view like this every morning, grabbing your keys to head out the door and drop your children off at a fantastic school. Your home is nestled in a lush tropical private garden with a lovely plunge pool to cool off in as the ocean breeze grazes your face. Fast forward to when your children are all grown up and off to university, and this is still your morning view! And with you still being here, this now creates a lovely space for your children (I mean young adults) to come back to when they go on their school breaks. Isn’t this the lifestyle you want to live instead of dream about?

There are so many charming local spots and international restaurants in English Harbour that it feels like you are in a magical spot in the world. English Harbour also has a grocery store, gas station, emergency care service, lovely schools, shopping, beautiful beaches and hiking spots, as well as, endless water activities. Basically, everything you need! And that is just English Harbour that we have touched base on, imagine all the other areas in Antigua.

With The Beach Houses you will be able to have your private safe haven on an island where everything really isn’t too far and if you want to be around people you can, however, if you are looking for some quiet time as well, Antigua has so many areas that offer this. As the year moves along we are so happy with the progress of The Beach Houses villa 3 construction. We can’t wait to continue to update you!

Watch this space for more news as we progress! You can also follow along on Instagram or via the Beach Houses website.


The Gardens launching March 2022

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