We want to enjoy this beautiful life for as long as we can, and that means, for us, getting some fun activity in every day – hiking with our dogs, golf, tennis, beach swims.

It also means eating as fresh as we can, so in every larger destination project we have incorporated farming and food creation as part of the community. Not just growing it in our developments, but preparing and presenting it in simple and delicious ways.

Finally, we like to take care of ourselves – and that means being pampered from time to time with treatments from sport massages to hydrology to salt therapy. Our golden rule of ‘Remember to live’ means enjoying these pleasures as often as we can.


Being healthy is the foundation that lets us have fun. We think laughing and being carefree is the best treatment a body can have, and we love to do it.

Elmsbridge is designing communities where your residences become resorts unto themselves, and the common amenities and special places we create for our homeowners are meant to be chilled and fun.


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